Skappa'nabanda! - Transcultural Festival for Alternative Brass in Graz

We have created a Skappa’nabanda! 2015 photo gallery, which we will fill bit by bit over the coming days and weeks. That way you can look forward to each next instalment and we don’t have to do all the work of choosing and sorting the photos in one go. Bookmark the page and check back from time to time. We’ll also let you know of new instalments on our facebook page.

Something has been happening on Europe’s streets: People are congregating with trombones, trumpets, tubas, saxophones and other brass and woodwind instruments to make … music! But not the music you might expect in small alpine Austria: Far away from beer tent, lederhosen, marching oompah band culture, these bands regard music as a living form of creative expression: innovative arrangements that draw for inspiration on styles from around the world, bring like-minded musicians together and get the audience moving.

Skappa'nabanda!, the transcultural festival for alternative brass music, brings together brass formations from throughout Europe: The Masala Brass Kollektiv is organizing this festival for the second time, inviting bandas from Italy, Germany and Austria to play, march, celebrate and chill together in its hometown of Graz. The programme includes numerous concerts and jam sessions in public spaces, a parade through the historic centre of Graz with around a hundred musicians, a party with concerts and more. Don’t let the banda escape!

Watch this space for further details...