Titubanda (ITA)

Wind and percussion ensemble Titubanda, from the Italian “titubare” – the wavering band – was founded on 1 May 1998 during a street theatre performance.

Initially known especially for its Latin American repertoire the Titubanda gradually extended its musical bandwidth to include Eastern European tunes and revised jazz classics, while its personnel increased to its present number of thirty-five.

The band’s repertoire includes about twenty-five songs, representing a long musical journey from Cuba to Bombay, through the Balkans, from Brooklyn to Cairo. Beside original compositions, classics from Domenico Modugno, the King Crimson, Charles Mingus and Khaled among others are reinterpreted.

The band's presence in the streets and piazzas of Rome gives it a poetic impact, in strident dissonance with the rhythm and individualistic phobias of western society. An approximate in-tune dissonance which creates immediate involvement, touching deep chords, desires for socializing and a need for celebration so often repressed in “normal” day-to-day life.