Patas Arriba (ITA)

Patas Arriba highlights the paradox of the “upside-down world” that is celebrated in the carnival tradition. One art form arising from carnival is the Murga Argentina: Still thriving and developing in the districts of Buenos Aires, it has its roots in the last century, when the music of the former slaves encountered that of the European immigrants. Uniting dance with the sounds of protest, the Murga soon developed into the voice of the people, filling the streets with a pulsating vibe throughout the year and speaking out for social justice and a right to happiness.

Murga Patas Arriba is a small but explosive formation comprising dancers and musicians from various parts of the world. All living in Rome, these artists meld their own cultural backgrounds and artistic experiences with the carnival tradition of Rio de la Plata. For ten years now the Murga Patas Arriba have been building on past experiences of Murga in Rome with the aim of continuing and spreading the Murga tradition of Buenos Aires. With originality and attention to detail they provide a spectacle that unites the energy, enthusiasm and communicative power of this Argentinian tradition. With its typical colourful costumes and painted faces, the power of the (exclusively percussion) instruments and the energy of dance, the Murga has been bringing joy to young and old alike on Italy’s streets and piazzas, little by little turning reality into carnival!