Blech und Schwefel (Kassel, Germany)

Add Brassband players at all ages in a special mixture, a decent amount of percussion, then add portions of Funky Stuff, a spoon full of Jazz, some Klezmer, a spill of Samba and a good shot of good mood. Mix it all – don’t shake, just stir! – let a couple of rehearsals pass by and you can be sure to see Blech und Schwefel somewhere on the streets. Whether it is a parade, a street party or just a corner in our city that for us seems to be too quiet – we play them all. Blech und Schwefel doesn’t need a PA system and no guitars – Blech und Schwefel is into self-made music: direct, moving and very, very danceable. With snares and trumpets, with a bass drum and a sousaphone, with saxes and trombones we have been playing since 1989 in and around Kassel and have been touring in Germany, Poland, Austria and France, but are still missing Italy on the list: And here we come! Blech und Schwefel – only live is real.