Vento Sul (Graz, AT)

Vento Sul is a passionate samba percussion group from Austria that has existed for more than twelve years in Graz and spread to Vienna two years ago. The Bloco, consisting of more than 20 percussionists and musicians, has participated in numerous national and international festivals, has organised events and workshops as well as intern summer tours (Austria, Croatia, Italy) and published a CD called “GEMEINSAM” (“TOGETHER”) in 2012.

Vento Sul's repertoire consists mainly of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, both traditionally and experimentally arranged, inspired by well-known, cultural Afro Blocos (such as Ilê Aiyê, Timbalada, Olodum, etc.) from Salvador/Bahia (BR). The musical projects are constantly evolving; regional musicians and other culturally committed groups, who influence and enrich Vento Sul's repertory and development, are frequently involved.

The Bloco Vento Sul has a characteristic style in expressing its Afro-Brazilian samba rhythms, with strong elements of funk and reggae as well as its own danceable compositions and infuses in its live performances with a rich and grounded sound.