Los Adoquines de Spartaco (Rome, Italy)

Murga is a way of urban communication. A fascinating and involving performance that is rooted in the tradition of Argentinian carnival. Using the power of percussion, of dance and of the spoken word, Murga blends together elements of theatre, dance and music to express a common agenda of protest, joy and hope in a very intense and unique way.

The performance of a Murga usually takes place on the streets, in a parade with musicians and dancers in colourful costumes (satin tailcoats, white gloves and eye-catching hats). They follow a structured choreography, alternating with moments of improvisation to the Afro-Latin and Argentinian rythms of the percussion instruments.

Founded during the carnival of 2009 in the il Quadraro district of Rome, Italy, Los Adoquines de Spartaco is one of several groups that cultivate the tradition of Argentinian Murga (Murga Porteña) in the Italian capital. The literal meaning of their name – “the cobblestones of Spartaco” – emphasises the group’s strong connection with the streets, their district and to the local “centro sociale”, the Spartaco, which not only hosts their rehearsals but in whose cultural, political and social activities Los Adoquines de Spartaco are also strongly involved. Their costumes also feature the colours of Spartaco’s rugby team.

Over the past years, Los Adoquines de Spartaco participated in demonstrations in Rome as well as in other parts of Italy, in buskers’ festivals, village fetes, school projects and, of course, carnival parades.