Fiati Sprecati (Florence, Italy)

Fiati Sprecati are a group of tubas, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, baritones, accordions, flutes and drums. Fiati Sprecati is a utopia that exists and resists. It is a social project in which there are no directors, chiefs, commanders, profits or hierarchical structures. Something that reinvents itself time and again – arising out of chance, chaos and sometimes of the unforeseen and the disobedient. They stand up for those who struggle, who find their energy and happiness in dreaming and building better places. For those who understand the sense of responsibility, those who take part and not those that come to stagger in the face of power and money, who point a finger at others, engender racism, destroy the environment and alienate us from humanity. Fiati Sprecati stands for partisans, students for the Iranian people, the Palestinian people, for the gay and lesbian movement, for anarchic free thought, for free access to water and several other concerns that they will always harbour as friends in their hearts and minds.