Masala Brass Kollektiv (A)

An antithesis to the traditional village brass band: mobile big band, caravan of dilettantes with a touch of insanity: The open collective of up to 25 musicians can be seen on streets, in squares and on stage both in Austria and abroad since 2007. The repertoire, consisting largely of original compositions and cover versions arranged by band members, ranges from alternative rock, Balkan beat, klezmer, funk, jazz and reggae to all conceivable – and occasionally unlikely – crossovers of these genres. Being mobile and unplugged, we are an all-terrain band that loves to mingle with and engage the dancing crowd. The Masala Brass Kollektiv can be seen in concert, at parties, festivals, weddings, and have even appeared in film and television productions. This year, the collective is hosting the festival Skappa’nabanda! for the second time.