BrazzBanditen (Leipzig, Germany)

BrazzBanditen are a brassband from Leipzig made up of 13 to 18 tooters and a drum section – people who could not be more diverse, but who have one thing in common: their love of brass music. Formed in the cold winter of 2010/2011 in Leipzig, the BrazzBanditen have since rehearsed, debated, resolved and played. They hoot and toot whatever blossoms along the way from northern Germany to the south of France or the Balkans: traditionals mixed with their own compositions, all of it danceable. They prefer to meet not in the rehearsal room but on the streets – readily going along with happenings and demonstrations to entertain people and all sorts of initiatives. In the four years of their existence they have certainly had as many performances as rehearsals and by now know how to achieve performances bursting with energy: Hop! Lungs oiled! 1-2-3 – go!